Mathilde Heu is an emerging Swiss/French artist based in London, whose multi-faceted practice encompasses drawing and writing, as well as sound and sculptural elements.

Alongside her practice, she carries out critical and analytical research which examines the forms of the 'infrathin': small occurrences in our daily lives and surroundings.

Interested in the ambiguity between micro and macro-worlds, she often confronts the viewer with large installations. These act as crossing points which question our own proportions and place in the world through their undetermined scale.

In her most recent works, she explores 'high density' points, which seem to contain a whole world in themselves. Thus emerges a cluster, a constellation of these multiple 'crossing points'.



Master in Contemporary Art Practice, Royal College of Art (2016-2018), London.
Bachelor at ECAV (2013-2016), Sierre, Switzerland.
Maturité Gymnasiale at LCP (2008-2013), Sion, Switzerland.

Selected Exhibitions

Assembly Point, London (Peckham), 2019.
Coutts (Strand), HIX Award, London, 2019.
HIX Art, HIX Award, London, 2018.
Final Show (RCA), London, June 2018.
WIP Show (RCA), London, January 2017
Exposition de Diplôme (ECAV), Sierre - Juillet 2016.
Le Grenier - 7ème édition, Lausanne - 2015.
JJ/MM/AAAA - Espace de la Grenette, Sion - 2015.
D'un monde à l'autre - Les Halles de Porrentruy, Porrentruy - 2015.

Awards and Honors:

HIX Art Award 2018 - People's Choice Winner 2018
Distinction, MA dissertation: 'from Indifference to Difference'Royal College of Art Research Programmes, 2018.
Travel Bursary to Shanghai, IAAC (International Awards for Art Criticism), Royal College of Art, Sep 2017.
Mention Spéciale (Distinction), BA dissertation: 'de l'aporie à l'oeuvre', edhea, 2016.